State legislators today heaped criticism on Republican Congressman and gubernatorial hopeful Bob Beauprez who stuck his foot in his mouth while commenting about African-Americans and abortion. Here’s the details:

“In some of our ethnic communities, we’re seeing very, very high percentages of babies, children, pregnancies end in abortion,” Beauprez said in an interview broadcast on Colorado Public Radio. “I’ve seen numbers as high as 70 percent, maybe even more, in the African-American community that I think is just appalling.”

That figure was immediately challenged by black legislators, who said the rate of abortion in the black community is nowhere near that high.

A sample of the criticism:

“Coloradans deserve better than Beauprez’s disgusting demonstration of ignorance,” state Rep. Rosemary Marshall said in a statement. “Beauprez should stop trying to push his anti-abortion agenda at the expense of African-Americans.”

Colorado Democrats are demanding an apology. Beauprez will issue a statement later today.