Republican Congressman and possible gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez veered from his party line this week to defend the three Coloradans who were ejected from the Bush social security event in Denver. On Peter Boyles KHOW (630 AM) radio show, he said:

It’s unfortunate. This kind of stuff should never really happen. At least as I understand it, these folks showed up — they’ve got every right to be there. There was a pro-Bush leaning crowd but by no means at all, my understanding, a 100-percent pro-Bush crowd. And unless they did something wrong there’s no reason why the should be yanked out of there and escorted through the door.

You can listen to the interview here.

Compare Beauprez’ statement to that of White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan:

“My sense is that the volunteer felt that these individuals were coming to the event to disrupt it. If people are coming to the event to disrupt it, naturally they are going to be asked to leave.”