Colorado congressman and gubernatorial hopeful Bob Beauprez has hired a campaign manager.

Jack St. Martin will assume the post on Jan. 3. St. Martin is currently senior vice president of Direct Impact, a public affairs firm based in Alexandria, Va. His previous experience includes several positions with the Republican National Committee. St. Martin also has served as the national field director for the Christian Coalition and the executive director of Americans of Faith.

Beauprez faces off against Mark Holtzman in the August Republican primary.

Speaking of primaries, Colorado Pols reports via Vail Daily that Democrat Bill Ritter now has a challenger: Eagle County Representative Gary Lindstrom.

Lindstrom, 63, who stands on a 45-year career in government, said he will run for governor as a politician who isn’t afraid to speak the truth. That truth, from his perspective, is that the state of Colorado does not have a vision and its politicians merely are “reactiveâ€? to the main problem facing the state — growth.