Congressman Bob Beauprez has been on-again, off-again about whether he is going to run for Colorado governor in 2006. But, it’s just about official now. A staffer has confirmed they have registered the website, It was registered on March 5.

While another staffer warns not to read too much into the registration, I do anyway. First, it’s not likely someone else was about to scoop up the name in the next month while Beauprez makes up his mind. Second, he’s the candidate of choice among state Republican heavyweights. And last but not least, Colorado Pols reported a few days ago that Beauprez has told associates he’s running.

Other possible Republicans in the race: former U.S. Rep. Scott McInnis , state Treasurer Mike Coffman and University of Denver President Marc Holtzman.

On the Democratic side, there are three main possibilities: Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper, former Denver District Attorney Bill Ritter, and Denver entrepreneur Rutt Bridges.

So, will it be Beauprez vs. Hickenlooper or Beauprez vs. Ritter? It’s Hickenlooper’s call.