Congressman Bob Beauprez held a press conference yesterday to outline his goals as Governor. The highlights:

  • affordable health care
  • a privately funded preschool program
  • more money for rural schools
  • $40 million in grants for water storage projects
  • more open space
  • a plan to reduce annual state spending by $100 million.

Bill Ritter outlined his goals over a month ago, which included pledges to:

  • increase child immunizations
  • introduce a legislative reform package for health care during his first year in office
  • improve transportation, including the clogged Interstate 70 mountain corridor
  • improve education.

It’s no secret that Beauprez has been trailing by wide margins in the polls.

The announcement followed weeks of criticism over his campaign. Last month, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Bill Ritter raised nearly three times as much money as Beauprez. Pundits said business leaders who typically support Republicans are backing away from Beauprez because he opposed a measure last year asking taxpayers to give up an estimated $5 billion in tax surplus refunds over the next five years to shore up the state budget, a proposal that Ritter supported.

I’m wondering if it’s too late for Beauprez to catch up. I’m also wondering when — and if — the hot button issues are going to emerge, like immigration, abortion, energy and the environment.

Here are Ritter’s positions on “illegal immigration” and “unintended pregnancies.” His position on the environment is here.

Beauprez’s position on illegal immigration is here, His position on “Life” is here and energy and the environment are here and here.