The Associated Press has obtained a copy of a plan by an activist group, Americans United to Protect Social Security, to target Congresspersons serving on the House Ways and Means Committee during the July 4th weekend. This is the committee that will be the first in the House to examine a Republican-sponsored social security bill expected to be voted on in July.

As House Republicans move ahead with plans to vote on Social Security changes this summer, a Democratic opposition group will use the July Fourth recess to pressure GOP lawmakers it believes are undecided about the legislation or susceptible to criticism from their constituents.

….”The Republican members of the Ways and Means Committee, many of whom have straddled the fence, waffled or flip-flopped on the issue of privatization, are having their arms twisted nearly off by [Committe Chair Bill] Thomas and the House Republican leadership to support this new privatization bill,” Americans United writes in its battle plan.

One of those on their list is Colorado Rep. Bob Beauprez.

“Beauprez is planning to run for governor; he cares about people all over the state. … Bring waffles to all events,” reads a plan drafted by Americans United to Protect Social Security, a copy of which was obtained by The Associated Press.

Rep. Beauprez’s staff has learned of the plan and expects him to be amused by it.

Jordan Stoick, spokesman for Beauprez, said he expects his boss to chuckle when he sees the waffles. “He’s not politically naive and will take this for what it’s worth: a ploy by liberal Washington, D.C., special-interest groups,” Stoick said.