Psst. Hey, you. Yeah, you.

You didn’t hear this from me, but I just heard that Hush nightclub downtown has a dirty little secret. Know how they always seem to have an unusually large number of Beautiful People in attendance? You know, the girl with the perfect white pantsuit, gold heels and perma-glossy lips, and that guy in the Italian suit with the abnormally great hair? There are always a few of them. Think about it. You’ve noticed these totally above-average hotties floating around that joint, right?

Well, I have it on good authority that Hush pays them to park on the barstools and look pretty. Two men and two women, every weekend night. Rumor has it that they are paid to hang out and make the club look better, literally. Who needs stylish decor, good service, and decent cocktails when you have high-class eye candy available?

I guess it’s really not SO shocking. I’m sure it happens in LA all the time, ya know? But here in Denver, doesn’t that seem just a bit trashy and desperate?