Our skin doesn’t always react well to the changing seasons—a situation I’m all too familiar with. Early last spring, my somewhat sensitive skin experienced what my dermatologist called a dermatitis outbreak that took months to get under control. I didn’t want to rely on a steroid cream for the long-term (they can thin the skin), so I went through a lot of trial-and-error to find the most effective skin-nurturing products—and now I’m passing my newfound knowledge along. Remember: Everyone’s skin reacts differently, so sample before you commit.

My primary face-saving product is Avène Cicalfate Restorative Skin Cream. The ointment-like lotion reduced redness and soothed my skin when it was its most itchy. It works so well, even Dr. Jean-Louis Sebagh (Cindy Crawford’s skin guru) is a fan. Bonus: If you often get irritated from dermatological treatments, this product is a must-stock for your medicine cabinet.

Find It: $28, visit aveneusa.com for retailers

A visit to Michael Moore’s Simply Moore studio was helpful. Moore suggested spot-treating with Lira Clinical Bio Recovery Balm, another mild but results-yielding product. Although it feels like Vaseline, the product was great at reducing redness when the Cicalfate alone wasn’t enough to calm things down.

Find It: $29, 3000 E. Third Ave., Ste. 4, 303-399-4151, simply-moore.com

Once my skin was on the mend, I tried Alchimie Forever, a line targeted at sensitized skin, due to procedures or environmental stressors. The Kantic Brightening Moisture Mask (pictured, above) not only soothed any lingering irritation but also gave my face a nice glow. Another big plus: It’s packed with antioxidants (from blueberries and grape seeds) and Vitamin E, making it useful for anti-aging as well.

Find It: $60, alchimie-forever.com

I receive hundreds of products every month, and I can’t try all of them. But I’m glad I gave m.mortal Hyaluronic Acid Serum a chance. When I experienced a dehydration spell, the all-natural product helped my skin retain moisture (thanks to the Hyaluronic acid) and appear less blotchy.

Find It: $28, visit m-pulse.com for the compnay’s six Colorado locations

My final step on this journey was a visit to OsmoticsFrancine Porter. Her philosophy is simple: Maintain the skin barrier (the outermost layer) to keep damaging elements out and avoid premature aging. At her downtown studio, Porter treated me to LED Photo Rejuvenation (my first!). This non-invasive, NASA-developed technology uses certain light wavelengths to improve skin health while reducing fine lines and age spots. The relaxing session took all of 20 minutes and made my skin feel super hydrated and look more luminous.

Get It: $75 (complimentary with a minimum purchase of $75), 1444 Wazee St., 303-534-1800, visit osmotics.com for area retail locations featuring the LED treatment

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