We’ve heard a lot about the farm-to-table movement when it comes to food, but for Lily Morgan, it’s all about from farm-to-face. The founder and chief organic officer of Colorado-based Lily Organics believes your skincare should be similarly traceable—from ingredients to manufacturing. Her handcrafted products, lab, and farm in Henderson are part of the only line in the world to be USDA-certified organic.

Morgan never intended on going into farming even though her father owned an apple orchard and she has six generations of farmers in her family. But having problematic skin as a teenager made her look to Mother Nature for a solution. By experimenting with various natural ingredients–everything from applesauce and witch hazel to brewer’s yeast—Morgan created recipes that became the basis for her line, which she started in 1986.

Fast-forward to today, and Lily Organics has a full stable of products made in small batches every week. As the temperature drops, I asked Morgan for tips on keeping my face soothed and moisturized. Her advice: Find the right combination of botanicals and simplify your routine. “Far too often, folks complicate their skincare regimes with too many products that, instead of complementing one another, work against each other and ultimately have little effect on the skin,” she says. My pick is the Rejuvenating Enzyme Mask (pictured above, $28.79) that exfoliates, diminishes fine lines, and eases skin discoloration—while smelling enticingly like fresh honey.

Get It: Lily Organics products are available at Vitamin Cottage, Whole Foods Markets, and lilyorganics.com.

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