You’ve made it through the first day of the Great American Beer Festival. Feeling it? We asked 5280 staffers for the best ways to nurse a headache–and get ready for day two.

Jeff Panis, systems administrator

“The corned beef hash Benedict at Toast (Littleton). I call it ‘The Resurrection’.” 

Geoff Van Dyke, deputy editor

“Going for a run in Wash Park (one loop is 2.6 miles). If that isn’t enough, try the hair-of-the-dog remedy and drink a can of Dale’s Pale Ale.”

 Natasha Gardner, senior editor

“For five years, I’ve relied on a bowl of steaming pho at Pho 79 (pictured). It never fails me.”

Amanda M. Faison, food editor

Rooster and Moon because it’s a coffee shop with a full bar (and great food). I also love Sketch’s breakfast sandwiches. Or, for that matter, the chilaquiles at El Diablo.”

Daliah Singer, assistant editor

Hi Rise‘s biscuit and egg sandwiches are awesome for a hangover, as are Deli Zone‘s sandwiches. I also swear by a Fat Jack’s sub if your hangover lasts into the afternoon. I recommend the Don Juan (turkey and salami).”

Natasha Gardner
Natasha Gardner
Natasha Gardner is a Denver-based writer and the former Articles Editor for 5280.