It seems like a new brewery pops up in Colorado every other day. So how do you get an edge if you want to open your own pub? Learn the science of it.

Colorado State University is in the processes of adding a bachelors degree in fermentation science to its repertoire. The curriculum for the program has been approved and is awaiting the go-ahead from the Board of Governors. If given the green light, classes will begin in fall 2013.

Amidst all the beer buzz in one of Colorado’s biggest craft-brew hubs, the addition of a fermentation science major at CSU makes a lot of sense. Only two other U.S. universities offer this undergrad degree, and CSU’s would be the only one in the Rocky Mountain region.

Fermentation science goes well beyond brewing beer; it’s also used in the creation of cheeses, breads, and wines, so the addition of the program to our region could help local industries that deal in dairy, wheat, hops, barley, and even some meats. We could also see growth in local cheese and bread production, along with a continued expansion of our brewing and wine capabilities.

They say happy cheese comes from California, but wouldn’t it be nice if that hunk of cheddar came from somewhere closer to home?

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