By the time that the Great American Beer Festival‘s winners are announced (on the last day), there is never enough time to sample the top brews. Nonetheless, I did make a point to scan the list and look for two things: Which Colorado brews were recognized, and how many of the 250-plus medalists I actually stumbled upon during the event.

Out of this year’s 254 medalists, I found my way to just four during two days of drinking:

Flemish Kiss; The Commons Brewery, Oregon; American-Style Brett Ale

Dr. Strangelove; Strange Brewing Co., Colorado; Barley Wine-Style Ale

Sans Pagaie; The Bruery, California; Belgian-Style Lambic or Sour Ale

Whiteface Black Diamond Stout; Great Adirondack Brewing Co., New York; Foreign-Style Sout

(If I allow myself to count the winners that I had already tasted prior to the festival, I pick up 11 more.) How many of this year’s GABF medal winners did you try?

Image courtesy of Shutterstock