Beer festivals are about trying new brews and meeting other beer aficionados. But if you live in Colorado, every day can be a festival, thanks to local beer clubs. No matter your tastes, there’s bound to be a group for you. So get looking. We’ll even get you started. Here are three clubs worth checking out:

1. Aggie All-Grainers

What are they about? A non-stuffy brewing group with three guidelines: “work with what you have access to,” “make the best beer that you can,” and “learn from every batch.”

Where can I find them? The Aggies meet at Taps Sports Bar in Fort Collins on the second Tuesday of every month. Visit their Facebook page or contact Reu at for more information.

2. Crafty Ladies

What are they about? This club is for women who love beer (they boast more than 400 members).

Where can I find them? The Crafty Ladies meet at least once a month, usually on Tuesday, at the Highland Tap & Burger. Because of their popularity, the club often holds events twice. (This month, a stop by Oskar Blues on October 16 and October 30.) Visit the club’s homepage or Facebook page, or contact Katie O’Shea at for more information.

3. Mile High Monks

What are they about? Mile High Monks is an eclectic mix of neighborhood get-togethers, food, games, recipe sharing, and—of course—beer drinking.

Where can I find them? The club usually gathers on the third week of the month at a member’s house. Though the group is spread out, most reside in the Denver metro area. Visit for more details.

Bonus: For a comprehensive list of homebrew clubs in Colorado check out the AHA’s website.

Image courtesy of Mile High Monks.