We should have known: A Coloradan took the idea of carbonated creation to the next level (we mean it). Years ago, University of Colorado graduate, Kristen Sterrett, collaborated with NASA, Coors, and BioServe Space Technologies to bring about the first ever astro-brew.

Eager astronauts were treated to bags of beer brewed aboard their shuttle while “sitting” down to dinner, which really means floating above a table while eating dry-packaged delicacies. At first taste, the beer seemed to match control batches brewed at sea level, but experiments revealed the process of fermentation had been greatly expedited without the effects of gravity, which resulted in a higher alcohol content.

Want to try it at home? No, we don’t have advice for building an anty-gravity room in your house, but there’s no reason you shouldn’t try to brew your own suds. According to Colorado Brewers Guild representative Steve Kurowski, nearly every established brewery began as a home project. For the ambitious drinker “just brew,” he says. “Go buy a kit, fire up your kitchen, and do it.” Begin your journey at the Brew Hut in Aurora, where experts will hook you up with what equipment you need to get started. Who knows, you could end up producing a Mars brew.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock