The Internet is filled with fancy—and stupid—ways to open a beer. Yeah, you could use a chainsaw, your belly button, or a parrot (ouch, gross, and actually pretty cool), but why? We’re perfectly happy opening a beer bottle the old-fashioned way. But we’re also suckers for convenience, which is why West280’s iOpener caught our eye. A bottle opener attached to our iPhone? This is an “app” that we might actually use.

The sleek and undeniably cool iPhone case comes with a built-in bottle opener. It isn’t the first of its kind; other cases have bottle openers, too. But, as West280 wonders in a not-so-subtle jab at its bulky competition, why “tape a brick to a ballet slipper?” Adding only 0.262 inches in thickness and two ounces in weight to your phone, the iOpener is definitely no Otterboxian brick. And it’s strong, too; the iOpener can get hammered over and over—with an actual hammer—and still keep your screen crack-free.

It’s not without flaws, though. For all its high-tech plastic and high-grade steel, the case still isn’t water—or beer—proof. Opening a bottle without spilling all over yourself shouldn’t be that hard. But, let’s be honest, accidents do happen.

Buy it: $29.95-$39.95,

—Image courtesy of West280