Talk about early birds. I guess I might go for some green eggs and ham on St. Patty’s Day at 8 a.m., but the party-on crew at Lodo’s is kicking off the celebration bright and early with Channel 93.3’s Keggs and Eggs.

Head to Lodo’s Bar and Grill downtown for a free show with local hotshots — and newly signed national talent — The Fray, along with Rose Hill Drive and Veto. (Veto is what I’m assuming is a gag band formed by Channel 93.3 DJ Nerf, so you might not want to get your hopes too high on that last one. In fact, he was warning his listeners last week.)

I dunno. I like the Fray a lot, and I’m thrilled to see local talent hit the national radar. And Rose Hill Drive are certainly worth seeing, especially for free. And Veto? Well… um, well, I like Nerf. So. They’ll surely kick the day off with a helluva party (I’m guessing green beer, breakfast burritos and a handful of early-afternoon hangovers), but seriously, guys. 8 a.m.? I’ll be saving my kiss-me-I’m-Irish celebrating until at least happy hour.