First, Sam Adams invented the lager glass. Then craft beers (small-scale regional beers) got their very own seminar at the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen. And now The New York Times reports that true beer connoisseurs aren’t just refrigerating their brews; they’re cellaring them. So, to the great advantage of the suds sipper, the world of beer has gone the way of wine. With the Sam Adams glass, beer drinkers enjoy a beer precisely balanced in bubbles and temperature. Craft brewing ensures evolving flavors and textures, and with cellaring, beer drinkers can try the ripened flavors of aged beer. As the beer industry changes, Denver beer drinkers are at a particular advantage. With inventive craft brewing companies like Odell Brewing Co. and Oskar Blues, smart restaurants like The Kitchen and Duo–both offer beer lists or dinners–and October’s Great American Beer Festival (tickets went on sale Tuesday, July 1), beer lovers have a great chance to experience what’s new. Bonus: Read “Sipping Summer,” our guide to the summer’s coolest suds.