We’ve long been a fan of saisons, but it seemed like Colorado brewers didn’t share the same affinity—until now. More and more brewers are trying this versatile style, including Wynkoop Brewing Company.

Originally brewed by Belgium farmers, saisons are strong, dry, hoppy, and spicy beers that keep for long periods of time (it was originally made during the winter and served through the summer). Since most farmers developed their own handcrafted recipes, saison varieties abound. The style is known for its drier profile, and a sour or “wild” taste, similar to lambics.

Today, Wynkoop and the Brown Palace launch a collaborative ode to the style with the Rooftop Honey Saison. The brew uses honey made from the hives on the top of the Brown. We can’t wait to taste this version—and other local varieties, like options from Fort Collin’s FunkWerks Brewing, Parker’s Elk Mountain Brewing, Colorado Springs’ Trinity Brewing, and Greeley’s Crabtree Brewing.

Image courtesy of VISIT DENVER