India Pale Ale, Avery Brewing Company, Boulder

Style: IPA

ABV: 6.5 percent

Serving Type: 12-ounce can

Malty? Hoppy? Hops—piney and bitter—and a faint malt finish.

Reviewed: August 2012

We’ve already declared our love for Odell‘s India Pale Ale: The tastiest IPA in the state, as far as we’re concerned. But Avery’s IPA is a close second. (We like this one so much that a few years ago we started cooking with it.)

Odell’s version pops with floral hops. Avery’s IPA balances a sharp bitterness with a piney hop character. The Avery brew pours a deep golden color. The bitterness hits first (and strong), but craft beer enthusiasts won’t find it overpowering. The pine flavor—an earthy taste—hits next. The beer finishes with a light malt backbone that gives it a medium body and a hint of sweetness. This is a well-rounded, refreshing IPA.

Would we buy it again? We regularly buy Avery IPA six packs.