Veiled Vixen Strawberry Wheat, Declaration Brewing Co., Denver

Style: American Wheat

Serving Type: 12-ounce can

ABV: 4.6 percent

Hop Meter (1–10): 3

Malt Meter (1–10): 2

Reviewed: October 2015

Any time I stumble upon a fruit-featured beer, my skeptical side-eye creeps out. “What are you trying to cover up?” is my first thought, followed by a slightly indecisive “Hmm, I guess I’ll try it.” If brewers throw raspberries, plum, and other bits of nature’s candy into the spotlight, I cross my fingers and hope they’ve at least done so in an authentic way; for consistency’s sake, it’s often easier for brewers to inject a fruit extract into the kegs before adding beer. So when Declaration Brewing Co. opened on Valentine’s Day this year with Veiled Vixen Strawberry Wheat on the menu, I was elated to know I’d be sipping the real deal on their patio that sunny afternoon.

The wonderful thing about this beer is that, if you didn’t know its name, it’s likely you wouldn’t be able to immediately identify the origins of its lightly sweet, luscious nose; whole strawberries (not extracts) are part of the brewing process. Initially, the Vixen has a fairly creamy mouth-feel, but its finish is smooth—not filmy—and allows just enough of a grainy taste to linger. With low carbonation, this refreshing wheat beer is perfect for any occasion, any time of year. And lucky for you, in addition to Declaration’s taproom, it’s available in six-packs and on tap throughout the Denver Metro area.

The Ideal Drinker: Your friend who wants a drinkable beer but doesn’t want to end up being that guy/girl (meaning, the one who has a taste for the fruitiest brews).

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