Hefeweizen, Dry Dock Brewing, Aurora

Style: German-style wheat beer

Serving Type: 12-ounce can

ABV: 4.3 percent

Hop Meter (1–10): 2

Malt Meter (1–10): 4

Reviewed: September 2015

Ever since I took my first sip of a wheat-style beer in college, it’s been my brew of choice. It’s easy to toss back a few without feeling too full—or for that matter, too tipsy. Garnish with a lemon or orange, and a wheat beer is simply delightful, especially when enjoyed outside on a warm, bluebird-sky day.

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With Dry Dock’s Hefeweizen, you get all the best of the genre without being overwhelmed by wheat malts. It tastes smooth and a touch citrusy, even if you opted out of adding a slice of fruit to the rim. Speaking of, pouring the Hefe into a glass unleashes the complexities of the brew—a distinct nose of banana and clove, yeast, and, again, a gentle touch of citrus. Its golden hue is inviting and unsurprising. You know exactly what to expect when the glass hits your lips, and that’s a good thing.

Sure, wheats aren’t the sexiest beers around (I know a few men who would rather grab a Coors than a wheat brew), but Dry Dock’s Hefeweizen is appealing even to connoisseurs—especially those who can appreciate the delicate balance the brewers have struck between all the complicated elements that make up a Hefe.

The Ideal Drinker: A wheat-beer lover, or any beer drinker looking for something sessionable, without sacrificing taste.

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Erin Skarda
Erin Skarda
Erin is a Denver-based writer and the former digital editor for 5280.