Wee Heavy, Dry Dock Brewing Co., Aurora

Style: Scotch Ale

ABV: 9.5 percent

Serving Type: 22-ounce bomber

Malty? Hoppy? Sweet caramel malts

Reviewed: February 2013

Sure, it’s a bit cliché, but when it’s cold out I like to scan the shelves of my local liquor store for beer that’s rich, malty, and high in alcohol content. After all, there’s a reason breweries concoct these types of beers in the winterthe dark malts compliment a cold day. So, on a recent beer run, I opted for Dry Dock Brewing’s Wee Heavy, which took the gold medal in the scotch ale category at last year’s World Beer Cup. (Wee Heavy earned a silver medal in the same category in 2010.)

Dry Dock has grown on me during the past few years, and it’s because of beers like this. Take a few sips, and it’s easy to see why Wee Heavy is an award-winning brew. The ale is rich and creamy. As you might expect from a Scotch ale, there are strong caramel malt and molasses flavors and a bready characteristic. Though I couldn’t necessarily taste the beer’s strong, 9.5 percent alcohol content, after a glass or so, I couldn’t certainly feel it.

Would we buy it again? I don’t drink Scotch ales all that often, but next time I do, I’ll consider Wee Heavy.

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