We’re never short on reasons to praise Colorado’s craft beer industry. Here’s what we’re oohing and aahing about at the moment: Odell Brewing Company tossing 25 pounds of oysters, shells included, into one of its brewing kettles. While oysters have never topped our dream list of beer ingredients, this new collaboration between Odell and Jax Fish House, called Emersum Oyster Stout, has us re-thinking that lineup (move over, Grains of Paradise). Brewed in honor of March being Oyster Month, the beer wafts a pleasant roasted malt scent, and, despite its “stout” label, tastes relatively light and crisp. The brew finishes with a slight, almost acidic bite—a hint of the sea, perhaps? Tasty enough to send us in search of another pint. This limited edition beer is available, while supplies last, at Odell’s tap room and all three Jax Fish House locations.