Pond Hopper Double Extra Pale Ale, Thornbridge Brewery, United Kingdom; Odell Brewing, Fort Collins

Style: Double-extra pale ale

ABV: 8.9 percent

Serving Type: 750 mL bottle

Malty? Hoppy? The best of both.

Reviewed: May 2012

Too often, people don’t think of beer as something fit for special-occasion drinking. Instead, it is the watered-down swill we consume at baseball games or around the campfire. That’s fine, but the next time you are invited to dinner, try bringing a not-so-typical beer for the host. You’ll make new friends and strengthen old relationships, trust us.

For those special occasions, Pond Hopper, Odell’s latest collaboration with UK-based Thornbridge Brewing, is a good place to start. The label boasts that by using English malts and American hops, the brew takes cues from the countrys’ best ingredients. That’s a diplomatic statement, but accurate. The beer is a peachy-gold color with lots of carbonation and a very fruity nose that is balanced out by the hops.

Would we buy it again? Invite us over. We’ll bring it.

Natasha Gardner
Natasha Gardner
Natasha Gardner is a Denver-based writer and the former Articles Editor for 5280.