Altbier, Prost Brewing, Denver

Style: German ale

Serving Type: 12-ounce bottle

ABV: 5 percent

Malty? Hoppy? A tad more hoppy than malty

Reviewed: January 2015

My Super Bowl menu has been planned for weeks. We’ll grill jerk ribs outside, nibble on bacon-wrapped jalapeños, and dip plantain chips in between commercials plays. What was missing from my plan was the perfect beer. It needed to be session-able (read: no high-alcohol brews) but with a little more flavor boldness than you’d find in mass-produced beers. I found the solution just last night: Prost Brewing’s Altbier. The brewery specializes in German-styles (it even uses a brewing system imported from Deutschland). This maple-syrup colored brew weighs in at just 5 percent, but packs a wallop of caramel-y goodness. In other words, it will be a perfect pairing for my game day feast.

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Once poured, the Altbier has very little head, but what little there is held up nicely. If you pick this up for Sunday’s Big Game, you’ll be enjoying an ancient brew tradition. Altbiers developed in the Western part of Germany and tend to share characteristics with brown ales. This version, though, boasts a dry, hoppy finish that is the perfect nod to Colorado. While many of you will be moaning the early end of the Broncos season come kickoff, if you pick up of a six-pack of this brew, at least you can cry into a delicious beer.

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Natasha Gardner
Natasha Gardner
Natasha Gardner is a Denver-based writer and the former Articles Editor for 5280.