Prost Pils, Prost Brewing Co., Denver

Style: German pilsener

ABV: 5.2 percent

Serving Type: Growler

Malty? Hoppy? Lightly hopped and crisp

Reviewed: April 2013

Here’s the book on pilsners: They’re not particularly complex, which means they can be exceedingly difficult to brew. Simply put, there’s nowhere to hide. Pilsners are so light that any off flavors acquired during the brewing process are sure to be noticeable. Well, Prost Brewing’s Prost Pils has nothing to hide; in fact, the Prost brewers nailed this classic style. The first time we visited this relatively new brewery in the Highland neighborhood, naturally, we ordered a flight. We were immediately drawn to this subtly hopped and wonderfully crisp pilsner. Now that it seems the last of winter is finally behind us—probably—we’ll be seeking out pints of Prost Pils whenever we want a good thirst-quencher on a warm summer day.

Would we buy it again? It’s our go-to pint at the brewery.