Weissbier, Prost Brewing, Denver

Style: Hefeweizen

ABV: 4.3 percent

Serving Type: Draft

Malty? Hoppy? Light doughy malt

Reviewed: August 2013

Prost Brewing has a good thing going on: The brewery is located within walking distance of Coors Field, the patio provides a killer view of the Denver skyline, and the Prost brewers offer a solid selection of straight-ahead German beers—a nice break from the hop bombs often on tap around Denver.

The brewery’s crisp flaghship beer, Prost Pils, became our go-to choice after our first visit to the LoHi spot. But on a recent trip we tried Prost’s Weissbier—a fruity hefeweizen—and were pleasantly surprised. The beer has a slight creaminess, which you might not expect from a hefeweizen, and it’s packed with rich banana and clove flavors. Little wonder this brew took the gold medal in the Southern German Hefeweizen category at the 2011 Great American Beer Festival.

Would we buy it again? Yes. Although on our next visit to the brewery, we plan to start with a mug of Prost’s Altbier—we’ve heard good things.

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