Consilium, Renegade Brewing Company, Denver

Style: Pale Ale

ABV: 5 percent

Serving Type: 12-ounce can

Malty? Hoppy? Muted hoppiness

Reviewed: November 2014

After years of reviewing Colorado beer, I thought I knew what this brew would be like. It would smell heavily of orange zest, be overloaded with hops, and taste like a boozy milkshake. On first taste, though, none of these things were true.

This brew pours out a golden orange, or what I will now call “gorange” (it wasn’t too metallic or too bright). The head is resilient, and holds up long after it’s been poured. The nose has subtle citrus notes, but these don’t overwhelm the hoppy undertones. The inclusion of lactose is most obvious in the mouthfeel, which is robust without being overwhelming.\

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These well-balanced elements explain the brew’s name: “Consilium” is Latin for wisdom and judgment, both of which are exhibited in this brew. Renegade originally prepared if for their second anniversary in 2013, but has since added it to their bottling lineup. We can see why. It’s sessionable at 5 percent ABV, hoppy without being bombastic, and flavored without being gimmicky. It demonstrates that Renegade’s brewing program is maturing—with both wisdom and judgment.

Would we buy it again? I can appreciate the beer knowledge required to produce this brew, which is quite drinkable, but I usually opt for something with a little more punch. That being said, my dinner guests don’t always agree. This mellow brew is a nice compromise.

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Natasha Gardner
Natasha Gardner
Natasha Gardner is a Denver-based writer and the former Articles Editor for 5280.