Sanitas Black IPA, Sanitas Brewing Co., Boulder

Style: Black IPA

Serving Type: 12-ounce cans

ABV: 6.5 percent

Malty? Hoppy? Roasted malt meets big hops

Reviewed: February 2015

“First and foremost, we love Black IPAs,” says Zach Nichols, the co-founder and taproom manager at Sanitas Brewing Co. about the difficult-to-brew, and widely interpreted beer style. “Black IPAs—Cascadian Dark Ales, American Black Ales, whatever you wanna call ’em—offer the whole spectrum.”

Achieving the complex balance that he and brewery co-owners Chris Coyne and Michael Memsic sought after wasn’t as quick or as straight-forward as some of their other staple brews. “It was a pretty extensive process,” Nichols explains. “We had all brewed Black IPAs in the past, and know they can be a finicky beer, easily being too roasty, not dark enough, not hoppy enough, too sweet, dry, etc. We finally found a great blend of toasty malt character and piney, citrusy hop undertones.”

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I would have to agree that Sanitas nailed the “rich, complex maltiness,” and “great body with creamy mouthfeel” that Nichols described to me as the perfect Black IPA. Their rendition, which is brewed with five different types of hops, is one of just three beers brewed year-round by Sanitas.

The Black IPA has the number one silhouetted on its bright white can because it was the first beer Nichols and his colleagues knew they wanted year-round. “I think it stemmed from wanting to offer an IPA, but similar to how we approach a lot of things, we wanted to offer something a little different. The deep malts make it a great sipper for winter fireside while the bright, citrusy hops make it totally appropriate for enjoying during the summer,” he explains. “We take a lot of pride in offering one of the only year-round Black IPAs made in Colorado.”

Would we buy it again? Yes, year-round as intended, and we’re not alone. Since the brewery’s opening in 2013, Sanitas Black IPA has become a fan favorite and workhorse for the brand.

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