Colorado Kind Ale, Vine Street Pub and Brewery, Denver

Style: Amber ale

ABV: 6.3 percent

Serving Type: Draft (nitro tap)

Malty? Hoppy? Malty; the nitro pour dampens the hop flavors

Reviewed: September 2013

It’s rare that we walk into the Vine Street Pub & Brewery in Denver’s City Park neighborhood, take a look at the beer list, and aren’t able to find some new brew or seasonal offering we’ve yet to try. (Often these rotating beers are accompanied by witty names such as Mother Lode Imperial Pilsner or Resinous Rye IPA.) And though we dig Vine Street’s extensive menu—typically at least 15 beers on tap—there’s the occasional trip to the pub when we’re just drawn to our old standby: Colorado Kind Ale.

The pub describes Colorado Kind as a hoppy amber ale. We’ve always found the hops in this brew to impart a mild bitter flavor, but nothing too overpowering. We’re particularly fond of the ale when it’s pouring from a nitro tap, which smooths out the brew with a creaminess that compliments its mild bitter flavors. This beer has long been one of our favorite easy drinking, post-work brews. Bonus: Head to Vine Street on Mondays for the weekly special which will get you a cheeseburger and fries and a select happy hour beer for less $10.

Would we buy it again? If nothing else on the menu catches our eye, this is our go-to beer at Vine Street.