Baker hot spot Trve Brewing Co.* might be known for its darker side—the brewery touts a death metal theme—but we prefer to think of it as metal-head lite. The spot’s welcoming vibe, 30-foot-long community table, and retractable garage-door front make it a desirable destination in warm or cool weather. In short, it’s a perfect hangout for Colorado’s unpredictable weather season (a.k.a now).

Location: Nestled on the north end of South Broadway’s popular strip of dives and eateries, Trve Brewing is the perfect neighborhood brewery. The brewhouse neighbors CrossFit Broadway, which makes for fun people-watching—and most likely a sense of gratitude for having a beer in hand instead of 50 lb. dumbbells.

Ambiance: Despite the brewery’s hardcore theme, the space is surprisingly user friendly. While it plays heavy metal all day and night, the music is usually kept at a reasonable volume. The dark-art that decorates the space feels like more like a theme than an exclusive counter-culture.

The brewery itself is a long, wide hallway, with vats of beer in the back. The walls near the entrance are lined with several massive black-and-white photos of a cabin in the woods, which have hung there since Trve opened in 2012. The fascinating and haunting scenes—which were painted by Eric “Taco” Borg and, unfortunately, aren’t for sale—would adequately set the stage for any scary movie. In front of the bar, local artwork is for sale.

Who You’ll Meet: Though the guests Trve caters to might stroll in rocking a Lamb of God t-shirt, you’re just as likely to find all types of beer connoisseurs. Saddle up to their handmade, beer-garden style wooden table, and your neighbors will range from Baker residents who found themselves in the mood for a nearby suds to millennial, Broadway bar-hoppers.

On Tap: Order a tasting tray, which showcases its self-touted “category agnosticism.” Styles like American Table Beer, British Mild, and Robust Porter are just a few examples of Trve’s no-boundaries, middle-of-the-road approach to brewing. A few recs: the flat-ish and creamy British Mild is slightly addicting; and Trve’s Tunnel of Trees IPA with will go over well with white IPA fans.

Make a Night Out: While you’re in the neighborhood, explore South Broadway’s lesser-known nooks and crannies, like Socorro’s Street Tacos, the newly opened Baeare Brewing, and Czech bar Sobo 151.

*To settle the debate once and for all: It’s pronounced “True.”

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More: Don’t miss Trve at this month’s Collaboration Fest. The second-annual event is an exposé of more than 70 beers crafted by brewery partnerships across the U.S., including two brews crafted by Trve in tandem with Ska in Durango and The Bruery of Orange County. Find tickets here.


Jerilyn Forsythe
Jerilyn Forsythe
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