romanoff-andrew1While former House Speaker Andrew Romanoff flexes his political muscle in a grassroots campaign to oust fellow Democrat and U.S. Senator Michael Bennet in a primary next year, the national Democratic Party is backing Bennet, who was appointed to the seat when Ken Salazar became the secretary of the Department of the Interior about nine months ago.

As of yesterday, that support includes President Barack Obama, who, without mentioning Romanoff (pictured), endorsed Bennet, praising his background in restructuring bankrupt businesses and his efforts to improve student achievement as the former chief of Denver Public Schools, writes The Denver Post.

In a statement, the president, who won over the majority of Colorado voters in the last election, calls Bennet an “ally”: “Michael has had my full support from day one, and I look forward to working with him in the Senate for years to come.”

ColoradoPols illustrates the otherwise disconcerting situation for local Dems with a picture of a nuclear explosion, representing the big bomb Obama has dropped on the Romanoff campaign, which officially launched this week. The site gives Romanoff a 10-1 chance of becoming the next senator, but Bennet’s odds aren’t much better, at 8-1.

Meanwhile, legislative life goes on. Bennet will discuss immigration policy on Saturday in Aurora at the Queen of Peace Church, located at 13120 E. Kentucky Ave. (via the Aurora Sentinel).