Oh, the joys of celebrity stalking.

Anyone who reads so much as the covers of the checkout-line tabloids knows that Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck are one of the latest must-see celeb hookups. And it looks like our favorite badass girl next door will be filming in Boulder next month.

The movie is Catch and Release, currently said to be filming in Vancouver, with Garner teaming up with Juliette Lewis, Kevin Smith and Timothy Olyphant. (‘Course, if the rumors that she’s pregnant are true, will that affect the shooting?)

I don’t know which scenes they’ll be shooting, but the latest on the grapevine is that Garner and company will be setting up shop along Boulder Creek during the week of July 25 – 29th. Look for about 300 cast and crew members to take up residence in an assortment of trailers and mobile home in the library parking lot.

Get those cameras ready.