If your idea of golf is more T-shirts than polos, you might be a disc-golf fan. If so—or if you are intrigued—head to Fort Morgan this weekend to watch 90 of the world’s top professionals and 90 amateurs tee-off from the box in the High Plains Challenge X disc golf competition. The two-day event gives players a chance to play through two courses—aptly named Optimist and Pessimist—on Saturday to rank tee times on Sunday.


The Lawn Chair: Pick a challenging hole and watch all the disc golfers cycle through. You’ll get to see the World Champions (Eric McCabe, Dave Feldberg, Phil Arthur, and Paige Pierce) and the amateurs.

The Workout: Wander from tee to tee to check out locals. Look for the 2010 and 2011 State Champion Joe Rovere, Erie’s Mitch Sonderfan, Aurora’s Pat Blazek, and 2003 World Champion Peggy Berry from LaPorte. The don’t-miss star is one of the tournament’s younger throwers: 15-year-old Paige Bjerkaas from Denver. She is already sponsored and has started taking down other female world champions in her four-year career.

Image via Shutterstock