Need a nudge to pursue your passions? Stop by Battery 621 on May 28th, and you’ll get a triple-dose of inspiration. That’s when three nominees for 2013’s National Geographic Adventurer of the Year will talk about their cool and crazy exploits, and how to turn your heart’s desire into—yes—an actual career.

Hosted by ski mountaineer Chris Davenport (who skied all of Colorado’s Fourteeners in a year and himself embodies the “go for it” attitude), the discussion will detail other projects that didn’t seem doable—until these adventurers made them happen.

  • Shannon Galpin traveled to Kabul, Afghanistan in October 2012 (just as NATO and US troops initiated their withdrawal) to create a street art exhibition highlighting the beauty of the Afghan people and landscape. The life-sized photographs taken by Tony Di Zinno, Beth Wald, Paula Bronstein, Najibullah Musafer, and other photographers proved that art isn’t off-limits or even inappropriate in war-torn places.
  • Snowboarder Jeremy Jones has made a habit out of exploring some of the world’s most remote mountain ranges (such as Alaska’s Wrangells and Norway’s Svalbard archipelago 600 miles from the North Pole). And he does it in winter.
  • Josh Dueck became the first paraplegic skier to land a backflip. But he didn’t stop there: On that day in February 2012, atop a towering jump at Powder Mountain Catskiing near Whistler, he repeated the feat six more times.

These outdoor superstars are coming together for a discussion event offered by National Geographic Adventure and The Business of Fun, a project founded by Ian Fohrman that showcases inspiring people on its website and brings them together for live, in-person hangouts. The goal? To “keep kids out of cubicles” (to quote the project’s tagline) and help people pursue work that’s rewarding—and fun.

Join the hangout by showing up at Battery621 at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, May 28 (secure your spot by emailing or log on to stream it live: The Business of Fun and National Geographic’s Google+ channel (using the hashtag #BOFAdventure) will broadcast video coverage online.