One of the more unsung contributors to our booming local music community is Swallow Hill Music, a teaching school that since 1979 has been working with musicians who play anything from the fiddle to harmonica, and at all skill levels. Since Harry Tuft opened the doors, 100,000 artists have received training at Swallow Hill.

Music fans, of course, come for the concerts, for festivals such as the upcoming Rootsfest, or for musical programs such as the infamous $3 Hootenanny jam sessions with Tuft. In fact, interest in Swallow Hill is such that it’s time to expand. This spring, Swallow Hill Music will feature group glasses and private lessons at a satellite campus in Lowry, giving them an additional 3,600 square feet to teach. The new campus will be focused on children’s programming and will also have adult group classes in the evenings.

Tickets to this weekend’s festival featuring Patty Griffin can be purchased here. Stay tuned for more updates about the school’s progress and opening dates.

—Image courtesy of Swallow Hill Music