What: Red Bull must have had a few energy drinks before it decided on this event—Red Bull 1976 Games. To honor the 1976 Olympic Games that never made it to Colorado, the beverage mogul has thrown together two days of winter sport competitions at Winter Park Resort.
Why: Snowblade and old–school tricks competitions promise to add some groovy ’70s spice to the weekly ski routine. By this time in the season, the lift lines, I-70 corridor, and ski traffic begin to take their toll.
Bonus: Throw on last year’s Halloween costume before hitting the slopes and Red Bull may hand you a prize for best costume. No matter what all participants receive a 1976 Gaper hat and white turtleneck.
Details: Fri-Sat, times vary. Winter Park Resort, 239 Winter Park Dr., Winter Park. Free. For more information, visit www.winterparkresort.com or call 970-726-5514.—SPORTS—

What: If Birkram has you breathing wrong and hatha seems too passé, perhaps you need a bit of prajna yoga—a movement technique that combines asana and pranayama yogas, meditation, and concentration practices. This weekend, nationally recognized prajna instructor Tias Little leads a multi-class workshop.
Why: Santa Fe-based Little, whose teaching techniques and philosophies have appeared in Yoga Journal and Yoga Interanational, teaches only a handful of international workshops a year. Better to catch him in Boulder than hunt him down abroad (think: Singapore or London).
Bonus: When Yoga Journal comes to Estes Park in September, Little will be one of 32 instructors. Sneak a peek at what the festival will roll out this fall.
Details: Fri-Sun, times vary. Öm Time Boulder, 2035 Broadway. $55-$330. For more information, visit www.omtime.com or call 720-565-6115.


What: Growing up as the daughter of famed photographer and digital artist Todd Walker (1917–1998), Melanie Walker had unique insight into the workings of this non-traditional artist. Listen as she revisits her father’s works in Critical Encounters: The Digital Research of Todd Walker 1981-1998.
Why: As a Associate Professor of Photography at CU Boulder, Melanie gives both a personal and professional look at the last years of Walker’s work.
Bonus: Starting Friday, through April 12, the Sandra Phillips Gallery, like the Museum of Modern Art New York and The Philadelphia Museum of Art, will feature Walker works.
Details: Tue, 6:30-8:30 p.m. Sandra Phillips Gallery, 774 Santa Fe Dr. Free. For more information, visit www.thesandraphillipsgallery.com or call 303-573-5969.


What: With Out of Place, Robischon Gallery’s newest photography exhibition, eleven international artists turn the feeling of “I wish I could bury my head in the sand” into artistic realities. Catch fantastical depictions of the world’s tense, unbelievable moments.
Why: With artists from the Netherlands, France, China, Ireland, England, and the United States, you’ll be happy to know that every culture faces awkward moments.
Bonus: Local photographer and video artist Gary Emrich offers a moving perspective to this show of still images.
Details: Mar 8-Apr 26. Tue-Sat 11 a.m.-6 p.m. Robischon Gallery, 1740 Wazee St. Free. For more information,visit www.robischongallery.com or 303-298-7788.

First Friday Picks: This Friday evening, don’t let happy hour slip into a full night event. Head out early to Denver’s arts districts and check out these First Friday gallery openings.

· Myron Wood: A retrospective of Western photographs from renowned Colorado Springs photographer. Fri through May 1. Byers-Evans House Gallery, 1310 Bannock St.

· A Call to Vera: In a Champagne reception, Wisconson native Charles Dwyer unveils photo-etchings. Fri through May 31. Gallery M, 2830 E. Third Ave.