Every couple of weeks I find myself around the corner at Margs Taco Bistro in LoDo picking up takeout. I could die happy if a warm Margs tortilla was the last thing I ever ate. So when I stopped in for my usual—the Belle taco with portobello, Carolina slaw, fresh guacamole, and citrus basil drizzle—and learned that the bustling spot had launched a new menu (and discontinued my go-to option), I had to try the Korean pork version.

The taco came filled with spicy marinated pork, Sriracha, and pickled cucumbers that gave each bite a tangy, fresh finish. I finished three and immediately wanted another. (Truth be told: This taco seriously damaged my “portobollo-is-as-good-as-meat” dining philosophy.)

Sip on this: The jalapeño-kiwi margarita, mixed with freshly made kiwi purée.

1519 Wynkoop St., 303-534-6274