The $1.50 breakfast burrito isn’t usually a model of quality ingredients. This is not the case at Araujo’s Restaurant in northwest Denver. At this unassuming Mexican restaurant the morning staple has it all: ultrafresh tortillas, flavorful homemade salsa, farm-fresh eggs, and spicy green chile.

Owners Victor and Adrianna Araujo offer four outstanding breakfast burrito combinations of varying prices (don’t miss the supreme), along with seven breakfast entrées. Here’s the thing: If you want to capitalize on the $1.50 price tag, arrive before 11 a.m. and order the plain. After that the same burrito will cost you 50 cents more.

Sip this: Round out your meal with the smooth cinnamon-laced coffee.

2900 W. 26th Ave., 303-455-3866