All too often quiche is a dish that underwhelms. It usually arrives dry, overcooked, and tasteless. Having suffered through far too many mediocre slices, I was thrilled to discover the tomato, feta, and pesto version at Cake Crumbs bakery in Park Hill.

Here, the warm, eggy wedge is built upon a delicate house-made pie crust that’s generously spread with herby basil pesto. The tender egg layer comes blended with tangy feta cheese, while thin slices of fresh tomato dot the top and provide a hint of sweetness.

Bonus: Add an apple turnover to your order. The bakery makes its turnovers with thick slices of fresh apple folded inside fat and crispy turnover shells drizzled with just the right amount of powdered-sugar glaze. Together, the tart apples, the flaky crust, and the sweet icing deem this a memorable treat.

2216 Kearney St., 303-861-4912