Charcoal Restaurant has gained a reputation for turning out precisely grilled meat dishes prepared over smokeless bincho charcoal. (See our review.) The charcoal—which reaches temperatures upwards of 2,400 degrees—allows meat, fish, and seafood to cook to swiftly, thus preserving the tender juices inside. Any dish prepared this way is worth your investment. But my lunchtime favorite is the grilled bincho shrimp. It’s immensely satisfying, yet light enough you won’t fall asleep at your desk an hour later.

In the dish, Chef Patrik Landberg takes fresh shrimp, grills it just long enough to impart a savory bit of smoke, and places the juicy seafood atop seasonal vegetables and a thick, red romesco sauce. Currently, the shrimp comes with a colorful mélange of seared Brussels sprouts, carrots, and sweet red pepper. Order the shrimp with a lightly dressed side salad, and brown rice, and you’ll be alert and ready for that long afternoon of meetings.

43 W. Ninth Ave., 303-454-0000