During the fall of 2008, L.A. chef Roy Choi started a food truck—Kogi—serving Korean BBQ tacos that would become a symbol of the creative fare that eventually revealed L.A. as the culinary cool kid. Today, there are mash-up Asian-Latin concepts all over the country, and we’re lucky enough to have a great one: Chuey Fu’s on Santa Fe Drive.

What started out as a food truck (and still is), Chuey Fu’s went brick-and-mortar seven months ago. At the restaurant, you can (and should) order a potent cocktail—our friendly, purple-haired server recently suggested the Paloma with a salt rim, which was genius—and the newest menu item: the Fuh (or pho) burrito. This crazy-delicious collaboration of flour tortilla, pho broth-soaked rice noodles, incendiary serrano chiles (the kitchen will go easy on you, if you ask), fresh cilantro and Thai basil, and your choice of Korean BBQ beef, char su pork, or ancho chicken is a delight. The fragrant herbs and tender noodles provide the aroma and some of the texture of the soup, while the savory meat and tortilla round things out into a very satisfying package. It’s fusion worthy of a fuss.

Chuey Fu’s, 1131 Santa Fe Drive, 303-484-1681

—Photo by Rachel Adams

Denise Mickelsen
Denise Mickelsen
Denise Mickelsen is 5280’s former food editor. She oversaw all of 5280’s food-related coverage from October 2016 to March 2021.