Spring snowstorms are practically guaranteed in Colorado. This means that right after a sunny day in which you were yearning for summer salads and lighter fare, you may find yourself craving something warm and filling. The next time the snow blows (and it will, you know), head to Cuba Cuba where the cuisine—heavy on plantains and yucca and black beans—will have you thinking of warmer climes, but also fill you with high-altitude warmth and sustenance.

On the windy eve of the “blizzard,” I began the evening with a Dark and Stormy—a refreshing blend of dark rum, ginger beer, and lime. But it was the Camarones al Coco that really soothed my soul. In the dish, a generous portion of creamy-thick mashed potatoes arrived topped by tight and juicy shrimp that had been sautéed with tomatoes, ginger, red pepper strips, and just the right amount of luxurious coconut milk. This was one of those stick-to-the-ribs meals that didn’t feel heavy, just fulfilling.

Tip: Pair your cocktail with Cuba Cuba’s spicy ceviche and plantain chips.

1173 Delaware St., 303-605-2822