One of the great joys of dining at a steakhouse is getting an expert chef to grill your beef better than you ever could, but Edge Restaurant & Bar has an appetizer that will make you feel like a culinary genius.

Tucked inside the Four Seasons Hotel, Edge has been a prime destination for lovers of steak, seafood, and fine dining in general since it opened in 2010. The restaurant’s modern, open space and first-rate service provide welcome complements to the menu’s high-end array of pecan wood-grilled entrees. If you go, though, be sure to order the one thing you have to cook yourself.

Edge’s 900-Degree Hot Stone appetizer includes morsels of wagyu beef, scallops, and tuna that arrive to the table raw and accompanied by said stone. About twice as large and more rounded than a hockey puck, the stone acts as the grill: Just dip a bite into the provided marinade, slap it onto the black disk, and you’ll have a perfectly seared bite within seconds.

Even if you’re having one of those three items as your main course, the quality is so good you won’t mind doubling up. Also, you’re supposed to leave extra-full; it’s a steakhouse. Between the apps, salads, main courses, and desserts—we recommend the sticky toffee pudding with Stranahan’s Whiskey ice cream—you’ll waddle out more than contented.

—Photo courtesy of Shutterstock