I fell in love with pâté years ago when I was first introduced to the silky-smooth version of this liver delicacy. Made with loads of creamy butter, the rich spread is perfect for smearing across crackers or baguette slices.

More recently, my tastes have turned toward country-style pâté, which is heartier, more like a meatloaf than a spread, and is typically served with tangy cornichons and mustard. My current, hands-down-favorite, country-style pâté is chef John Broening‘s version at Spuntino. Made with Tender Belly pork butt, liver, and cream, the starter includes detectable bits of onion, garlic, ham, and crunchy pistachios. The spice and texture of this dish is so intoxicating, that a friend and I ate every single bite.

Tip: Order the pâté as part of Spuntino’s salumi platter (pictured). The dish comes with slices of succulent and herby house-made porchetta, prosciutto, pickled matchstick onions, mustard, and the requisite slices of baguette.

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