I’m not a thick-and-juicy steak kind of person. To me, flavor is more important than size, and I prefer a smaller, thinner cut. For both of these reasons, I’m a big fan of the flat iron—a cut that’s taken over menus in recent years. Cut from the shoulder, the steak is a slender slice of beef that, thanks to its inherent marbling, still retains flavor and tenderness.

One of my favorite versions of the flat iron is found at Steuben’s. The cut is dry-rubbed with pepper (which lends a seductive bit of spice to each bite) and grilled. Before serving, each steak receives a generous round of butter seasoned with the flavors of chimichurri: garlic, olive oil, oregano, and vinegar. Perhaps best of all, the steak is served atop a heap of Steuben’s legendary, pencil-thin, and generously salted fries.

FYI: Earlier this week, Steuben’s announced the return of its wildly popular Picnics on the Patio dinner series. Tickets for the themed events (Tex-Mex/Southwest, Route 66, Puerto Rico, and Lobster Boil) go on sale Friday, May 3. Check the restaurant’s Facebook page for dates and more details. Reservations can only be made by emailing Jessie@AceDenver.com.

523 E. 17th, Ave., 303-830-1001