For better or worse, the bacon-in-everything trend that took hold a couple of years ago shows no signs of abating. I barely notice it anymore when I see bacon in cupcakes or candybars or ice cream. (Although I was momentarily stunned when I read about bacon-scented lip balm and bacon coffins.)

Given its ubiquity, I’m now more likely to take notice when bacon arrives looking just like…bacon.

At the Berkshire in Stapleton, well-known for its pork-centric menu, I recently ordered the bacon flight, which comes with four clearly identifiable strips of the smoky, cured meat. There is a twist, however. Each strip has been flavored with something unexpected: garlic, curry, balsamic vinegar, and cinnamon-chipotle. (The latter two were my favorites.)

In the Berkshire’s presentation, the chewy meatiness of the bacon remains intact, but each strip has been dressed for a different kind of party. I like this twist on the trend. Instead of bacon being the supporting actor for another more famous dish (how 2012!), here bacon takes its rightful place center stage.

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—Photo via Shutterstock