Every American city has their preferred way of waking up. As for Coloradans, our early rising, on-the-go lifestyle is often fueled by our favorite bundles of eggs, greasy meat, and fiery green chile—our beloved breakfast burritos.

Scarfing down one of these savory, tin-foil wrapped tortilla treasures is a storied tradition of starting any Mile High morning, and there are countless roadside stands, neighborhood food trucks, and family-run eateries serving up these essential Centennial State bites as fuel with every sunrise. In fact, they’re so ubiquitous, it’s nearly impossible to tread every single breakfast burrito pitstop, let alone narrow down the best burrito of them all. But to help you navigate on your morning (or mid-afternoon) quest for the quintessential munchies, we’ve rounded up (in alphabetical order) 11 of our favorite, tried-and-true places to grab breakfast burritos that are as convenient as they are downright delicious.

Editor’s Note: This list of best breakfast burritos, which was last updated on February 13, 2024, only features burritos that are available for takeout/to go. Did we miss your favorite? Email us at digital@5280.com.

Burrito Express

It’s an irrefutable fact that breakfast burritos taste best after a booze-heavy night. The walk of shame, however, to acquire said burrito? Not the best. But there is one establishment that accepts us in all of our sweatpants and second-day makeup mess: Burrito Express. This no-frills fast-food Mexican joint is all about slinging authentic grub on the go via a convenient drive-thru that serves all-day breakfast. So throw on your Juicy Couture track pants—they won’t see them anyway—and cure your hangover with a hearty helping of eggs, cheese, and carbs. We love the classic bacon, eggs, cheese, and potatoes combo, but if you’re feeling bougie, upgrade to the steak, chorizo, cheese, and eggs burrito. These tortilla-swaddled treats are the perfect portion, meaning they’ll fill you up (and help soak up the previous night’s Patron), but aren’t so massive they’ll make you feel sick. 12792 W. Alameda Pkwy., Suite A —Jessica Giles

Bonfire Burritos

While changes in ownership can make loyal restaurant regulars nervous, Bonfire Burritos has only improved since four friends and Golden natives purchased the business from the original owner in 2013. What started out as a beloved yellow trailer on South Golden Road has evolved into a charming brick-and-mortar location complete with a sunny patio and a full bar. For a sweet and spicy start to the day, order the Javelina—a giant flour tortilla stuffed with chorizo, crispy hash browns, grilled pineapple, and Cotija cheese, and drizzled with green chile and a tangy jalapeño-pineapple crema. Pair it with one of the 20 ales, stouts, or ciders on tap for the perfect start to a bright weekend morning. 2221 Ford St., Golden —Barbara O’Neil


Blackbelly’s breakfast burrito. Photo courtesy of Lauren Feder Rosenberg

Boulder and Denver
Thoughtfully-prepared dishes featuring locally sourced meats are the draw at Blackbelly restaurant, and the breakfast burritos available at the adjacent market and butcher shop are no exception. We crave the Butchers option, a tortilla-cradled masterpiece layered with farm-fresh eggs, chef Hosea Rosenberg’s famous house-made green chile (now thickened with masa instead of flour so it’s gluten-free), tater tots, cheese—and head butcher Kelly Kawachi’s choice of meat. Her past selections have included chorizo, carnitas, bacon, braised beef, sausage, and meat lovers (a holy trinity of beef, pork and lamb). Bonus: The Blackbelly team plans to debut a Berkeley location in the coming weeks, which means Denverites will no longer have to trek north for these breakfast masterpieces. 1606 Conestoga St., Boulder; 4324 W. 41st Ave., Suite T (coming soon) —Patricia Kaowthumrong

Garibaldi Mexican Bistro 

We’re not sure what we love most about Garibaldi Mexican Bistro’s breakfast burrito: the fillings or the size. Stuffed with freshly made scrambled eggs, crispy hash browns, house-made green chile and your choice of chorizo, sausage, or bacon, the two-handers are large enough to be devoured in two sittings and will set you back just $8 (get it blanketed in more chile for $1.50 more). In addition to its excellent tacos and Mexico City–style specialties, the burrito is just another reason Garibaldi is a charmer. Plus, the gas station joint also recently added online ordering so you can minimize your wait time during the morning rush. 3298 S. Broadway, Englewood (attached to the Conoco) —PK

Illegal Pete’s

An Illegal Pete’s breakfast burrito with chorizo, pork green chile, and queso. Photo by Madi Skahill

Various locations
Every Saturday and Sunday until 1 p.m., this Colorado-based Mexican chain offers its giant build-your-own burritos in breakfast form, wrapped in a fresh tortilla with eggs, greasy country-style potatoes, and your choice of fixings from finely-ground chorizo, crispy bacon, beans, and a veggie medley. Top off your mix with the pork green chile, and determine your level of kick with several house-made salsas—from the milder tomatillo verde to the smokin’ house hot infused with roasted chiles de arbol. If you’re feeling extra saucy, opt to add queso. And don’t be afraid to dream big: No matter how many ingredients you choose, this burrito will be one of the largest helpings you’ll find around the city—and it will actually stay tightly wrapped for mobile munching, too. Various locations —Madi Skahill

Jalapeño’s Restaurant

The breakfast burrito at Jalapeño’s Restaurant on South Broadway. Photo by Madi Skahill

The difference is all in the name at this beloved bright red beacon on South Broadway, where its “jalapeño-style” breakfast specials are served all day alongside other smothered lunchtime platters—so you definitely won’t be the only person in their drive-thru lane ordering one of the crave-worthy breakfast burritos come afternoon. For a truly sublime experience for your tastebuds, we recommend upgrading the restaurant’s traditional burrito experience (eggs, potatoes, cheese, and green chile) with its house “jalapeño-style” flair (includes largely diced tomatoes, onions, and jalapeños). Choose from any of the eight protein options, from bacon to ham to steak to “soy-rizo,” but our go-to pick is the carnitas. Or if you simply can’t decide on a meat, opt for one of the specialty breakfast burritos, like the “Mexican Feral”—a jalepeño-style burrito with chorizo, carnitas, and bacon. Whatever you go for, the noticeably fresh ingredients create a perfect morning punch—all made to your preference of heat level: mild, medium, or hot. 3120 S. Broadway —MS

La Fuente Restaurant

A chorizo breakfast burrito from La Fuente Restaurant. Photo by Jessica LaRusso

Whether we’re heading west for a hike, a fat-tire trail ride, or a ski day, the promise of a breakfast burrito from La Fuente Restaurant is what motivates us to get out of bed and on the road. The longstanding north Denver staple, located just off Federal Boulevard about a half-mile south of I-70, opens at 7 a.m. and stretches supple flour tortillas around soft chunks of potato, stringy melted cheese, perfectly spicy green chile, and your choice of meat. (We like the extra heat from the greasy-in-the-best-way chorizo.) Call ahead to order one of the hefty handheld beauties for pickup from the always-friendly staff. We try to wait until we’re on the highway to peel back the foil and sink our teeth in, but we rarely make it that far. 3023 W. 44th Ave, Suite 1409 —Jess LaRusso

Little Anita’s New Mexican Foods

A breakfast burrito from Little Anita’s. Photo by Jessica Giles

Multiple locations
This homey New Mexican joint tastes as close to home cooking as you can get in a Colorado Boulevard strip mall. Family members have handed down the recipes at Little Anita’s for generations, which is probably why biting into one of their beefy breakfast burritos feels like a warm hug from your grandma. Let’s get one thing straight: This spot specializes in New Mexico–style fare, meaning the green chile may not be as hot as the Colorado-style served at many other eateries. With that being said, don’t skimp on the chile. Whether you opt for the spicier red variety or go for the mild green, the team mixes the sauce directly into the burrito, where it soaks into the eggs, potatoes, and meat for insane flavor in every mouthful. Plain Janes can enjoy the basic burrito with two eggs, cheese, and chile stuffed inside a warm tortilla for $4.75. You can also add potatoes, beans, and an array of protein (chorizo, bacon, ham, and sausage) for a couple dollars more. —JG

Smōk Denver

A breakfast burrito from Smōk Barbecue. Photo by Jessica Giles

If you’re looking for a borderline religious experience wrapped in a toasted tortilla, Smōk Barbecue in the Source Hotel will take you to church. These hearty handhelds are the newest kids on the breakfast burrito block but they’ve already gone viral on Instagram. Chef Bill Espiricueta’s take on the beloved breakfast dish comes in four iterations: brisket, bacon, chorizo, and vegetarian. No matter the protein, these wraps require two hands because they’re also stuffed with scrambled eggs, tater tots, cheddar jack cheese, hatch green chile, and queso. It’s not every day you get to eat a breakfast burrito filled with slow-cooked ’cue so good it earned a Bib Gourmand nod, so we’d recommend springing for the unorthodox brisket option. Plan ahead: These coveted carb bombs are only available Tuesday through Saturday from 7:30 a.m. to 10 a.m., and you need to order ahead online. The burritos are absolute behemoths, so you can easily share the spiritual experience with a friend or save half for later.  —JG


The maple bacon breakfast burrito from Onefold. Photo by Madi Skahill

Uptown and Union Station
This eatery may be known for its more sophisticated scratch-made breakfast and brunch offerings, but its burrito isn’t any less comforting than your favorite hole-in-the-wall. In fact, Onefold’s colossal, available-all-day breakfast burrito is basically to die for, wrapped in a handmade tortilla and packed to the brim with eggs, duck fat–fried potatoes, asadero cheese, green chile, and a selection of pork from Denver-based Tender Belly. (Might we suggest their maple or habanero bacon?) The belly-warming pork green chile mixed inside means you can forget any worries of missing out on smothered flavored—but the sheer size also means things get messy quick if you’re trying to eat it handheld, so be warned. Wash it all down with a cup of their popular Vietnamese iced coffee or iced chai latte. 1420 E. 18th Ave.; 1919 19th St. —MS

Santiago’s Mexican Restaurant

Photo by Madi Skahill

Various locations
With more than two dozen locations across the Front Range, this local staple has been a Mile High favorite for over 30 years—and when biting into one of their trusty breakfast joints, it’s easy to see why. Stop by to grab one (or several) of Santiago’s cheap, grab-and-go breakfast burritos filled with scrambled eggs, fried potatoes, and the rotating meat of the day (or, for an additional charge, your protein of choice.) Sprinkle in any extras of your liking, from cheese to chicharrónes to guac, sour cream, and beyond. But don’t forget the star of the show: Santiago’s famed scratch-made pork green chile, made fresh with painstaking care early every morning. Various locations —MS

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