Diners who require a gluten-free diet know that avoiding wheat (one of the main sources for gluten) is a constant challenge. A staggering 25 million Americans—about 8 percent of the country’s population—regularly place gluten-free products in their grocery cart, so it’s no wonder demand for wheat alternatives is on the rise.

Restaurants have increasingly added gluten-free dishes (or, in the case of Panzano, Root Down, and Parallel Seventeen, full menus) to their offerings, but what about everyday cooking? Enter gluten-free expert, publisher, and cookbook author Dr. Carol Fenster, a Denver native whose newest book, 100 Best Gluten-Free Recipes, puts delicious, easy-to-follow recipes at your fingertips for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The book is packed with delectable dishes—including hard-to-find favorites like ice cream cones and soft pretzels—that infuse real flavor into the gluten-free diet. Loaded with valuable tips for feeding kids, reading labels, and stocking a pantry, this is a fundamental find for a gluten-free lifestyle.