If you’ve lived in Colorado for any amount of time, chances are you’ve made at least one close friend who is, shall we say, into the indica. Longs for the bong. Puts the “wanna” in “marijuana.” To put it bluntly, we bet you have a stoner in your life, and they deserve a present as a-blazing as they are. We’ve rounded up 10 of the coolest Colorado-made gifts that will light up your bud’s holiday season.

Blazy Susan Spinning Rolling Tray

Blazy Susan spinning rolling tray. Photo courtesy of Blazy Susan

Who says stoners can’t organize? This varnished birch turntable from Denver-based Blazy Susan ($80 to $100, depending on finish) is the perfect shrine to your loved one’s favorite plant, and its assorted compartments will keep their related trinkets in tidy order. Each tray comes with a grippy dab pad and a dishwasher-safe “slap” insert to keep everything secure and clean; we recommend tacking on a silicone ashtray/bowl cleaner insert. If the full 15.5-inch circle is too unwieldy, Blazy Susan also offers a half-moon, non-spinning tray ($55 to $65). Available at various local smoke shops and online

Alec Lengal Potato Pipe

A potato pipe with butter from Alec Lengal. Photo by Alec Lengal

Hark back to the scrappy days of apple bowls and gravity bongs with these potato-themed glass pipes from Denver glass blower Alec Lengal. Lengal’s spuds may look just like their edible counterparts from the top, but flipping them over reveals a fully functional bowl, carb, and mouthpiece. Undressed spuds cost around $100, and you can add a dollop of butter or sour cream for about $20. Couch potatoes, meet your match. Find Lengal’s work at VapeLoft (116 S. Broadway) or on his website, or reach out to Lengal’s Instagram for a custom order

Book a Weed Tour Bus with the Cannabis Experience

Interior of a Cannabis Experience bus. Photo courtesy of the Cannabis Experience

As the nation’s first licensed cannabis party bus, the Cannabis Experience provides an option for those who prefer to give experiences rather than things. CEO Sarah Woodsen—who also heads the Color of Cannabis, a social equity organization advocating for more diversity in the cannabis industry—revved up reservations in March, and while weed can’t be sold on the vehicle, each tour starts at a licensed dispensary. We recommend booking the two-hour Toking & Tacos tour ($67 per person) to elevate your friend’s munchies game beyond GrubHub and chips. Book online

Stashlogix Bamboo StashTube

Stashlogix’s StashTube. Photo courtesy of Stashlogix

Engineer Skip Stone founded Stashlogix to help parents like him keep their marijuana safe from curious kids, but the Boulder company’s products will appeal to anyone that wants to store the odorous stuff securely and discreetly. Case in point: This smell-proof bamboo case ($10) is a sleek, eco-friendly way to store a standard joint, with longer and wider sizes available depending on your giftee’s smoking preferences. Available online

Canyon THC Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

Canyon THC coffee. Photo courtesy of Canyon THC

There’s no need to wake and bake with Canyon THC’s nitro cold brew coffee, because each serving has 110 milligrams of caffeine and 10 milligrams of THC. While the female-owned, family-run business has gained renown for its more traditional edibles—its THC/CBD gummies placed second at Rooster’s 2021 THC Classic—Canyon brews this concoction to specifically not taste like weed, making it ideal for those who dislike edibles’ typically skunky flavor. Available at local dispensaries like LoDo Wellness Center, 1617 Wazee St.

Lost Range Vegan CBD Gummies

Lost Range CBD gummies. Photo courtesy of Lost Range

Steamboat Springs–based Lost Range has sold premium CBD salves since 2018, but it just launched its line of small-batch CBD gummies in September. While you won’t get high off these THC-free treats, each cherry- or mandarin-orange-flavored gummy, which come in $60 packs of 30, is packed with 33 milligrams of full-spectrum CBD, which is reported to be more capable of relaxing the body and the mind than pure CBD alone. Available online

Levo II Infusion Machine

The Levo II. Photo courtesy of Levo

While not edible itself, Levo’s line of herbal infuser machines lets DIY-savvy stoners make their own edibles right from their kitchens. At the time of Levo’s founding in 2016, the Denver-based company was the first to introduce automatic infusers to the market, and seven years later, its devices still earn top marks. Beginners will benefit from the Levo II ($400), which is designed for everyday, personal use. With the touch of a few buttons, your giftee can dry, activate, and steep flower in oil, butter, or even honey to be incorporated into homemade edibles. Available online

Remedy Bath Co. CBD Bath Bombs

The Strawberry Moon bath bomb from Remedy Bath Co. Photo courtesy of Remedy Bath Co.

Remedy Bath Co. produces its line of home spa goodies in Colorado Springs. The bath bombs ($14 to $16) are Remedy’s flagship; scents range from wild berry and thyme to strawberries and cream, and some contain skin-nourishing add-ins like cocoa butter and pink Himalayan salt. Every regular-size bath bomb contains 100 milligrams of pure CBD isolate—there are also mini and mega versions at 30 and 500 milligrams of CBD, respectively—for an all-around chill time in the tub. Available online

Police & Thieves Chenille Patch Pot Hoodie

Police & Thieves’ hoodie. Photo courtesy of Police & Thieves

During the winter months, make smoking outside just a little more bearable for your giftee with something to bundle up in. The patch on this heavyweight fleece hoodie ($65) might make your eyes roll—“POT” is about as tawdry of a design as a big marijuana leaf. But astute smokers will know that “PØT” stands for Police & Thieves, a women- and minority-owned luxury dispensary based in Denver. So while passersby on the way to 7-Eleven might not get it, your loved one will be staying both warm, and chic, at the same time. Available online and at Police & Thieves’ Cherry Creek and East Colfax locations

Herban Delight Rolling Card

Herban Delight’s elf gift card. Photo courtesy of Herban Delight

A thoughtful card can be a great gift, but go the extra mile with the options at Herban Delight (around $10), which can be refolded into a rolling tray and reusable storage container. Depending on which design you buy (birthday and Valentine’s Day cards are also available), your purchase comes with a combination of freebies, like hemp rolling papers, filters, a reusable tin, and even a small pipe. Regardless, your loved one is likely to read your well wishes again and again. Available online

Ethan Pan
Ethan Pan
Ethan Pan is 5280’s associate food editor, writing and editing for the print magazine and 5280.com. Follow his dining/cooking Instagram @ethans_pan.